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Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Daily featuring Teresa Collins Christmas Countdown Memory Album

Each year I struggle with my December Daily album and usually it's just keeping up with assembling it. I have no problem journaling about daily events, it's just that in the hectic holiday season, I don't find time to make some pretty pages and once the holidays are over, I'm sort of Christmas papered out!
This year I started early, buying this Teresa Collins Christmas Countdown Memory Album early in the year. I think it was even before Halloween!
It included a binder, dividers, pages, and all kinds of fun embellishments like tages and die cuts.
To prepare for December, I cut out filler pages out of kraft, and put together a Ziploc bag full of things I would add to pages for embellishing. I also made a bunch of library card pockets, my newest obsession, to fill with memorabilia along the way.

I decorated the cover, filled the pages on the inside, and I'm ready to go!
I put the book and the Ziploc in a tote, along with blank tags to journal on along the way. Because it is easy to take along, I can work on it when I have free time along the way, and journal as we go. I've kept caught up, and people have enjoyed looking at it along the way.
Because of the binder style, it is so flexible to add and change things as I go. I think that was a big obstacle for me in the past, feeling sort of stuck in a style or structure. This is much more smashbook style, a style that got me started into scrapbooking years ago in college, when I didn't have as much time, and focused on the memory keeping. I'm excited to see how it unfolds!

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