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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Covering Buttons

I love buttons on my layout and it's even better if they coordinate!
For a recent project, I made a pinwheel embellishments and decided to use a button in the center, and cover it with paper to coordinate. Here are some simple instructions on this quick altered embellishment:
Supplies: circle punch, button, sharpie or embossing tool, and cardstock

Punch a circle from your cardstock. The size of punch depends on the button you use. It should be slightly larger than your button.

Using your Sharpie or embossing tool, distress the paper on the wrong side (the one you won't see). I used a foam mat which allows you to put pressure on the paper to get a curved effect.

You should end up with a slightly domed piece.

Add a sticky dot to the wrong side of the paper.

Adhere button to the sticky dot.

Curve the edges around. Use small sticky dots along edges and bring edges under.

To make the pinwheel, cut the paper to the desired side and center the points on the gutter of your paper cutter.

Make slices toward the center, stopping about one inch from the center of the paper.

After you have slit each corner, bring one corner of each wedge into the center and adhere.

Once all edges are adhere in the center, adhere the button to the center.

If you want your pinwheel to lie flat, fold the edges of the pinwheel.

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