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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tool Review: We R Memory Keepers Seweasy

I love a new tool and I'm especially a big fan of those from We R Memory Keepers! One of the newest and hottest ones is the Seweasy, a paper piercer that you roll across you page to create holes in which you can then stitch embroidery floss through. I'm a huge fan of stitching on pages but don't have the patience to use a needle or haul out my sewing machine just for a few lines. This tool has solved that problem!

We used this tool recently in the Seasonal Scrapbook Solutions class at Craft City where we created raindrops on our pages. (See the April Showers page for details.)

The tool comes with removable heads that allow you to change to different stitch patterns. On of my favorite things, is the handy needle storage in the base of the tool handle. The tool come with a basic stitch head as well as the large paper stitching needle.

What does not come with it and I would recommend is the big foam mat. If you don't have this, your best bet is to put a piece of felt or foam sheet underneath, otherwise the piercer doesn't have the chance to sink through the paper.

On my page, I used two plys of embroidery floss and stitched through to create rain. I did notice if you press too hard it leaves dents on the sides of the stitches and if you don't press hard enough it won't pierce. I recommend practicing on scraps of paper before actually doing this on a project.

There are so many option and the website has great ideas as well as a few YouTube tutorials.

This tool is hard to find in stores and is on backorder on many websites so if you find it, get it!

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