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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Treat Box

This little treat box if perfect to fill with candy and treats for family and friends on Easter and all you need are some basic scrapbooking tools! Download the PDF and you'll be set to create!
 Here's how to do it. Download the PDF and print it to orange cardstock. Click on this link to download:

Once you've printed it to the cardstock, using good detailing scissors, cut out the pattern on the solid lines.
Next you will score the box on the dotted lines. I used an embossing tip and lined up the dotted lines with the gutter of my paper trimmer. This will give you a straight even embossed score line.
Scoring the lines will give your box crisp even edges, and make it easier to fold into it's shape.

Add adhesive with tacky glue or a glue runner to the long flap along the triangle edge.
Adhere the flap to the inside of the triangle edge to create the triangle box.
You should now have your carrot shape and the top edges will be able to fold in.

Holding the top tabs together, punch a hole in the center top.

At this point, you can fill your carrot with treats.
Take a green pip cleaner and trim in half.
Insert them through the hold until you reach their center and bend them up.

Crinkle them to create the carrot top.

Using a brown pen, draw lines to create a carrot look.

Finish off with a bow and add a tag if desired.

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